How To Beat the Mind F*ck Of Weight Loss Surgery & Get The HAPPILY EVER AFTER You Deserve?

Find Out NOW What You All *MUST KNOW* To Overcome the Mental & Emotional Challenges of WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY!

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ME Before WLS

So you've taken the EASY WAY OUT of Weight Loss, and your life has become soooo much easier since surgery?

Ummmm .. *cough* *splutter* *choking on a protein bar* .. we all know

WLS in NOT the 'easy way out'; it's just the beginning of an interesting &

CHALLENGING journey that MOST BARIATRIC PATIENTS are not prepared for!!!!

ME - On the TV SHOW 'The One'

Hi There .. it's me, Maria Elita - THE MIRACLE COACH. (.. it sounds more official than it really is, I just love sorting people's sh*t out and in turn, MANIFESTING MIRACLES for them!)

Anyway, you need to know something. I'm just like you!

YES. I. Am.

I've battled with weighty issues nearly all my life and tried every diet known on the planet.

I've had personal trainers making me sweat in places that perspiration should be banned from, plus spent too much money with (skinny-minny) dieticians who have no frigg'n idea what it's like to have a body that holds onto weight, and enrolled into endless Weight Loss Programs that are obsessed with the 'number' on scales, more than the journey itself.

I even remember when my twin sister Toula and I were Weight Watcher's Ambassadors at 12 years of age and would weigh people at the meetings. I think this is how we got the meeting for free (I can't remember, it was decades ago) but that's just one memory from countless ones in my 'I'm too fat and need to lose weight' memory bank.

ME - On the TV SHOW 'The One'

Sooooo .. let's jump a few decades and I want you to know now that I have had WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY too and I know EXACTLY what you are going through.

The pic of me above is from my Wedding day (pre-WLS) and close to my heaviest weight. And the other photos (with the black background) are from an Australian Reality TV SHOW I was on, called THE ONE. I want you to know that even though I was super bubbly and confident on the show, seeing myself every week on TV, in such a bloated body, and knowing 100,000's of people were watching me this way, was daunting.

When the TV SHOW aired I received some amazing support by my lovely 'Manifesting Miracles' community, but also ..

I was targeted on Social Media by body shamers & fat haters.

I remember reading horrible comments like 'eat another donut why don't you' and 'no wonder you're single, lose some weight!' and ended up banning people continuously from my pages who decided to PROJECT all their anger at me.

Lucky though I had spent many years researching 'thought mastery', actively working in 'energy healing' and had studied 'psychotherapy', which made me understand that it was 'their stuff' not mine .. unless I reacted to it. (which is something I can't wait to teach you about in my video series!!!)

Anyway the truth is, what a lot of people don't know, before surgery I was really, really, really unwell. *sad face*

My body's inflammation levels were through the roof and uncontrollable. The severe asthma I had lived with my entire life was beyond dire, and due to this I was inhaling steriods all the time to keep me breathing because my lung capacity had decreased to just 48%.

Yes, you read that right 48% lung capacity!!!!! (I feel breathless just writing that)

I remember sitting in the doctor's office after I had taken an array of tests that she had ordered, after another EMERGENCY visit to hospital, which this time had left me there for a week!!! Looking back, I must say I was really oblivious to how bad things were, simply because it was something I had to deal with MY ENTIRE LIFE and I did my best to keep positive about the situation I had been dealt!

Yes, I had been in and out of ER way too many times, and spent too many days and nights in hospital beds. Yet, I understand that when something (good or bad) becomes your norm, you kind of learn to cope with it, or become a victim of it. (something else I can't wait to share with you as well!)

Anyway that day at the doctors, could have been ONE OF THE WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE AS I WAS ABOUT TO RECEIVE SOME VERY TRAGIC NEWS.

She said 'Maria, we have to do something really MAJOR to get rid of this excess weight, especially around your chest. I know you've been to the dietician for 3 months and nothing has changed. I feel your body has created a SET POINT and doesn't seem to want to budge the excess weight anymore .. most likely due to your horrible health and the medications. I mean .. every kilo on your frame is putting pressure on your lungs and they are really terrible! I am VERY concerned for you (*insert* long, drawn out pause right here) .. to the point you won't get through another winter if you have one more severe asthma attack!!!!'

I said to her, 'What do you mean I won't get through another winter?'

My doctor said in a stern 'medical professional' voice to know she was dead-set serious, 'Exactly what I said Maria! YOU WILL NOT GET THROUGH ANOTHER WINTER IN THE BODY YOU HAVE NOW! It can't take it anymore!'

I sat there thinking 'HOW THE F*CK DID THIS HAPPEN!!!??? I'm the Miracle Coach, I help people get through their sh*t. I MANIFEST MIRACLES for others who are in desperate need for something better in their life. I am positive. I am confident. I am loving my life. I've become a leading expert in Life Mastery .. and yet my frigg'n body decides to pack it in ..

.. This is faaarrrrkkkkeedddd!!!!'

I went straight from the doctor's surgery and into my car where I CRIED LIKE A BABY.

It wasn't a little sob either, I mean I cried so hard that I needed the beach towel from the back seat to wipe away the tears. After howling for most of the trip home, I called my twin sister (who already had WLS a year before hand) and even though she was an advocate of the sleeve procedure, I was not convinced until that moment.

Why? Because from a humble doctor's office in Brisbane, with my life's expected dreary path put bluntly and DRASTICALLY before me .. I finally had my 'WHY' for Weight Loss Surgery. And I was only 42!

And as I write this, I am sure you have your WHY as well.

It could be one major thing (like what happened for me), or many small things that came crashing together at once. I remember thinking that my WHY wasn't because I actually wanted to be skinny (been there and done that and wasn't any happier), or be more confident, or get a man, or show the naysayers I was better than them, or prove a point to anyone who had whispered nasty things about my weight, especially the social media keyboard warriors. NOPE! Mostly my life was sorted and I was really content .. it was just a matter of getting surgery to SAVE MY LIFE.

You see, after years delving into Self-Development, old & proven Spiritual teachings and Life Mastery tools, I really felt like I had my sh*t sorted!

Me after WLS

I thought that being THE MIRACLE COACH and helping thousands of people transform their life for the better, was what I was meant to do. Yet, my body had a different story. It didn't co-operate with how the mind and emotions were feeling. I mean, I wasn't lazy or unmotivated .. and I definitely wasn't lacking confidence. I was one of these inspiring people who didn't really care how my body ballooned up at times (because it was my new kind of normal) and I didn't let the weighty issues of my life become a point of depression for me. However my health on the other hand was so frustrating and at times I did get overwhelmed by it all.

Yet rewind 20 years .. before the excessive self-development and energy-work that I had done, of course my WHY for weight loss surgery would have been a whole lot different.

In my teens I was bulimic and always struggled with the scales.

One minute I was fat, the next I was thin .. too thin! And then I married a man who always commented on my weight - where I was never thin enough. Plus I had a mother-in-law that always put me on a diet, because that's what 'ladies' do to keep a man! *rolling eyes*

I remember the day my first husband (he's my ex now!!!) said in front of a group of people that any woman over a size 12 should not wear lingerie, it's disgusting. I had just birthed 3 babies in 5 years and obviously my body wasn't thin, I was at that time a size 16. And in my eyes a size 16 wasn't big, especially when for half a decade I was a baby making machine. The worst part of him saying this was he said it in front of an attractive woman who was size 8, NEVER battled with weight and who I knew was silently grinning on the inside because she wanted my husband!

Instead of confronting him, I did what most people who hold onto weight do and are emotional eaters, I said nothing, ate more and kept all my anger inside myself. And truth is, I did that for years. (again I can't wait to show you how to stop doing this and start setting boundaries that will change your life in super amazing ways!)

So looking back, before my self-development journey, I most likely would have loved to be skinny because I would have assumed it made me happier and my relationship better. Yes, I would have loved to be thin, to prove a point because I used to hold onto a lot of resentment from bullies who put me down. Yes, I would have loved to have had a bikini body to show off to those people who judged me. And Yes, I would have wanted to have WLS to feel kind of normal and felt like I belonged!

I was sooooooooo over being fat and ALWAYS STRUGGLING WITH MY WEIGHT .. just like you.

The thing is now, with the personal experiences in my life and doing the 'Manifesting Miracles' work that I do ..


I understand your head space (before and after WLS).

I get what you are thinking and feeling right now.

I comprehend the endless frustrations of the WLS journey.

I know what it is like to feel judged by an appearance that to a point, is out of your control (and for me having a public profile, it was really tough at times!)

I get that physically losing weight is only a small portion of what is going on for you right now.

And because of this ..

I so want to help you!

Yes. I. Do.

Truth is : Bariatric Surgery Journey is not for the faint hearted, nor is it the easy way out. (OMG, don't you hate it when people say that!!!! *rolling eyes again*).

Plus on top of WLS being incredibly emotional, terribly exhausting and sometimes downright overwhelming, it costs THOUSANDS OF $$$$$'s - where you want to make sure your financial investment (as well as emotional) is absolutely worth it!

Besides all of this the drastic weight loss brings with it some huge frigg'n challenges and if you don't have your mind right, and your emotions in check, and your life in order .. this can cause for a confronting journey ahead for you.

Also one of the most confusing things is, most people think that simply because you are losing weight, that you must be completely feeling happier all the time. Yet, we both know that is not the case!

And even though we have lots of people on Social Media with WLS Blogs & Pages, sharing their story and transformation 'before and after' selfies .. there doesn't seem to be a one-stop 'How To Live with WLS' INSPIRATIONAL & EDUCATIONAL PORTAL that can literally show you how to EFFECTIVELY deal with the key problems within the WLS Journey.

*drum roll* THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!!! *happy dance*

So .. I wonder what your Greatest Challenge is right now?

- The Inner Self-Critic playing havoc in your mind?

- Your Intimate Relationship(s) changing in a confronting way?

- What you see in the mirror, doesn't match your head?

- The dreaded MIND F*CK STALL .. aarrgghhhh?

- Your family and friends don't understand what you are going through?

- You don't know how to deal with judgment about your WLS decision?

- The habit of over-eating has been replaced with another bad habit?

- Addictive behaviour patterns are creating havoc in your life?

- Your emotions seem to be all over the place?

- An obsession with the scales is ruining your happiness?

- Boundary Setting is now something to be addressed?

- Old habits of over-eating slowly creeping back into your diet?

- It's been a few years out and the honeymoon period is over, your body has put on weight and you are depressed about it?

- What you thought was your WHY for WLS, has now become your WTF?

.. And there's a whole heap of other things that probably need addressing.

Do not worry, I am here to help!

Introducing a very personal and inspiring VIDEO SERIES .. created by me, to give you the tools and know-how to 'BEAT THE MIND F*CK OF WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY' & HELP YOU TO CREATE THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE!

And it starts with just a click of a button, and it's entirely on your own terms.

* Watch the 'WLS Coaching Videos' when you want.

* Do the affiliated 'Coaching Worksheets' when you can.

* Log on to the program anytime you want to.

* Take your own time, and you can revisit it unlimited times!

.. And the whole program is soooooo easy to follow, and it's HIGHLY AFFORDABLE compared to committing to 'Life Coaching' programs & personal sessions with counselors which can cost many hundreds or even THOUSANDS OF $$$'s!!!!

However .. I've made ALL of this

available to you from just $197

for the ENTIRE Program!

WOW, with a 'life transformation' program of this size, it should be 10 times the amount!

And, just so you know this total price is less than the cost of one 'private session' with me. So why did I do this? Because I want to HELP as many people as possible. I want to in some way, lead the way for others going through a similar journey. And most of all I WANT TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER and less challenging.

With such an AWESOME OFFER you may want to tell all your WLS friends about it and encourage them do the program with you too. I've found often in 'group coaching' programs that those who have a 'coaching buddy' tend to succeed in the long term better, and stick with the 'life transformation' tools offered. It's not to say that committing to this on your own won't be as impacting either .. because realistically I am that 'coaching buddy' for you. However it's up to you to follow through, listen to the videos, go through the worksheets and commit to the tools offered!

This course really is life changing!

(sidenote: If this program is something you'd like to share, please take advantage of the Affiliate Program on this platform)

Lastly, I want to say I'm a HUGE BELIEVER in supporting each other. We are in this together! That's a huge part of the reason why my twin sister Toula and I created FRIGG, an awesome cafe on the Gold Coast that was the FIRST in Australia to offer a WLS MENU exclusively for Bariatric Patients.

This made HEADLINE NEWS (well it is a Big Deal!) where we were featured on Channel 9 News, The Courier Mail, The Weekend Edition, Gold Coast Bulletin and an array of online media outlets. Please google 'Frigg Cafe' to find out more about that, if you are interested. #WeLovePeople

And just remember I am here to help, and transform your life in soooooo many ways!

Let's get started .. it's time for your HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Maria Elita x0x0x

Your Miracle Coach!

Your Instructor

Maria Elita
Maria Elita

Maria Elita is THE MIRACLE COACH and she is on a Miracle Mission! She wants to help at least 1,000,000 people believe in Miracles again. And this includes you too ..

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